Win a “set of 10 postcards” prepared as a gift for concertgoers to commemorate release of ayu’s new album!

To mark the release of ayu’s album “Rock 'n' Roll Circus” on April 14, a set of 10 postcards will be presented to 100 people attending each concert. Recipients will be selected from among all fans attending the current “ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 A ~Rock 'n' Roll Circus~” through a drawing. The postcards will be produced from photographs that were carefully selected from the photo book (36 full-color photographs) that is being offered as a gift for initial purchases of the CD+DVD set (AVCD-38102/B).

■How the drawing will be conducted
The drawing will be based on seat numbers. Winners will be announced in the concert hall via a “Thank You Card” to be distributed at the end of the live performance. Please access the link provided on the card with your mobile phone, confirm the winning seat numbers, and, if you are a winner, bring your ticket stub to the special booth in the concert venue. Your ticket stub will be verified and then exchanged for the gift (set of 10 postcards).

<Important notice>
The postcard set can only be exchanged at the special booth located in the concert venue within one hour after the end of the show. Please understand that your ticket stub cannot be exchanged for the postcard set after this time. If you cannot access the link provided on the Thank You Card (e.g., if you do not have a mobile phone or use a certain type of mobile phone [iPhone or other smartphone, PHS, etc.]), please stop by the special booth. The winning seat numbers will be made available there.