Live broadcast on Ustream!(December 31th 2011 22:30(JST))

「ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~」scheduled to be held
at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium will be broadcast on Ustream!
To fulfill the request of fans that were not able to buy the ticket,
who were too far away to attend the event,
and for the fans overseas,we have decided to broadcast towards the whole world!
Hope we can share this magical experience with you!

・Live on Ustream; December 31th 2011 22:30(JST)
・Ticket price; ¥2,100(Tax included,JPY)
・Payment method; Credit card
・Subscription period; December 31th 2011 22:30 - January 1th 2012 by Last song of LIVE.


Countdown sign may be delayed according to the situation of net circuits.

Recommended environment

・OS:Windows XP/Vista/7 MacOS ver.10.4 or later version
Not applicable for smartphones.
・CPU: Windows/Pentium4 2.0GHz or more. MacOS/IntelCPU
・Memory:1GB or more
・Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer8 or later version、
Safari3 or later version、FireFox3.0 or later version, Google Chrome
・Flash Player ver10 or later version
・Line: ADSL, CATV (cable). High speed connection such as the optical fiber connection will be need.
We do not support ISDN and any kind of data communication card.
Even if you follow our recommendation environment,
video might not play properly if you are downloading
or if you are using a different application at the same time.


If you still have questions, please fill in the form in the below URL to ask for inquiry.

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