ayu-mi-x 7 -version HOUSE-

ayu-mi-x 7 -version HOUSE- 【CD】

2011/04/20 in stores

AVCD-38296 ¥2,625 (tax incl.)

  1. TO BE (Jonathan Peters Club mix) 
  2. Dearest (Razor 'N Guido Club mix) 
  3. For My Dear... (HOUSE NATION remix) 
  4. Mirrorcle World (Johnny Vicious Club mix) 
  5. fairyland (Hex Hector remix) 
  6. No way to say (Sugiurumn remix) 
  7. appears (Shinichi Osawa remix) 
  8. Bold & Delicious (Dub's Standard House remix) 
  9. Voyage (TURBO's Circuit mix) 
  10. M (Remo-con remix) 
  11. UNITE! (EK's Big Room remix) 
  12. crossroad (Johnny Vicious Club mix) 
  13. Virgin Road (FPM EVERLUST mix)